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"I love the limitless potential of the blank panel, and of each stage that follows: beginning with the physical and expressive act of making marks and scribbles; remaining process driven rather than having concern for the outcome; painting gesturally and instinctively; and the headiness of creating from nothing, a magical world unto itself."


Laura Culic’s paintings are based on many of the diverse ideas that inspire and interest her, including mapping and geography; exploration, travel and navigation; environmental conservation; ancient science; history; memory; the natural world and our place in it. And while they’re about these things, each painting is, in itself, an expression of a story. Culic paints full time in her cozy quiet studio, in Toronto. Whenever she can, Culic nurtures her restless spirit and refreshes her inspiration by taking long motorcycle trips, camping with her kids, paddling or hiking. Culic studied fine art and illustration at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Culic’s works have won various awards, and are part of many corporate and private art collections, as well as the Art Collection of the Government of Ontario.

Artist Statement

My paintings are my response to my deep and abiding love of the natural world. They reflect my profound sense of connection to the rocky and wild landscape in which I live and which seems to inhabit me. My images are the product of many meditative hours spent in this harshly beautiful environment; hiking, paddling, observing, absorbing, and just being. My process is experiential, in that my subject is derived from impressions of the natural world I carry in me, and that the process itself is an exploration in which each step and each decision is dictated only by the one that proceeds it. My physical process involves building up multiple layers of wax and pigment using a range of tools and media and mark making techniques, combined with scraping back to underlying layers. By repeatedly adding and subtracting; concealing and revealing, I build an environment rich in colour and natural textures, with a sense of history and place. This process, I feel, is akin to nature’s cycles of erosion and decay; renewal and growth.

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