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Conrad Furey (1954-2008)

Conrad Furey (1954-2008)


"Having a Time" 1995

Acrylic on Canvas

28" x 36" Image

Artist Frame | Signed front Lower Left "C. Furey"

Provenance: Purchased from Don Lake Ltd. Galleries, Toronto, On, 1998; Private Collection Smithville


Originally from Baie Verte, Newfoundland, Conrad left home when he was eighteen years old, and, after a brief stint studying commercial art in St. John's, he moved to Ontario where he attended the creative arts program at Sheridan College, Brampton, in 1974 he then decided to settle in Hamilton Ontario. Conrad was one of the founding members of the Tiger Group which included Bill Powell, Rick Cook, Wayne Allen and Gundar Robez until 1980.

Furey considered himself to be self-taught, pulled into expression by instinct rather than learned technique, and says he has rebelled against what little formal training he has had. Instead, he is following his own creative agenda. In this pursuit, he has employed many artistic media, and it seems that nothing is off limits for artistic manipulation. He paints on canvas and plywood structures, has experimented with bronze, resin, and stone sculpture, and has even designed a set of thirteen stained-glass windows. His art has a far-reaching effect and can be found hanging in schools and hospitals, local churches and government buildings. For over twenty years, he has been regularly commissioned for public paintings and murals in Newfoundland and Ontario. Furey's versatility and broad appeal has made him a sought after artist.

Conrad enjoyed exploring new territory with his work. He travelled to many places and this allowed him to come back to his studio in Hamilton Ontario and portray his adventures in his work. Conrad Furey passed away on January 23, 2008 of Colon Cancer at the age of 53 but his art will live on.

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