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Gerry Jenkison

Gerry Jenkison


"Conversations III"


Acrylic, Acrylic Marker on Canvas

22” x 26”

  • Biography

    Born in the UK, Gerry Jenkison has lived in Canada for most of her adult life. Her earlier paintings were botanical, precise and accurate to the species level. She was a founding member of Botanical Artists of Canada (now dissolved) and a board member and Chair for several years. During most of this period, Gerry lived and worked in Toronto.


    Leaving the City behind and moving to an old farmhouse in Prince Edward County in 2012 set off a series of transitions in her art practice. Shifting from watercolour and tiny brushes to acrylics and a more painterly style took root, leading, over a decade, to non-representational painting. Its possibilities and scope seem limitless and fascinating – a lifetime of opportunities waiting to be discovered. Influences include contemporary abstract painters Judy Singer and Jenny Nelson. Historical influences include Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, and Elaine de Kooning.


    Gerry’s other passion is nature. She’s been a board member of the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists for many years and is now its president. This grass-roots organization builds community around learning about and caring for the natural world and encourages the protection of biodiversity.

  • Artist Statement

    My paintings explore relationships between shape and line, value, and depth and surface. They often begin with very dark, bold mark-making on an empty substrate, obliterating what I think of as ‘the shock of the white.’ On top of those marks, I load on colour and line, leaving clues to previous layers. At this stage, the painting is intuitive – no destination in mind. It’s as if I’m watching the surface and wondering where it will lead me. Eventually, a direction starts to emerge, and a process of evaluation begins. Do I like where we’re going? What will I modify, what will I keep? And, sometimes the most challenging decision is, Are we finished? 


    Over the last 25 years, my art practice has evolved from detailed and precise to non-representational. This major transformation has accompanied other changes in my life. I’m happiest just where I am now.


    I work in acrylic paint and pens, with large brushes and different scrapers. My favoured colours are bright and, generally, on the cooler side of the spectrum. If there’s an overall feeling to these paintings, to me it is optimism and joy.



    Spring 2024

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