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Lisa Wirth (1923-2017)

Lisa Wirth (1923-2017)


"Poppies and Delphiniums"

12" x 16" Oval Image

18" x 22" Framed


*Square image a detail

Provenance: Burlington Private collection


Lisa was born in Sandersleben, Germany. She married Rudi Wirth in 1945 in Frankfurt, Germany. They and their two daughters immigrated to Canada in 1954. They settled in Ontario and then moved to Cochrane, Alberta in 1999. Lisa endured many hardships in her life, but Canada offered things she loved – the mountains, fishing, and gardening. She embraced it all in her art. Her talent was recognized early in high school, and a career in art became her life- long passion. She was represented by several galleries across Canada. Her vibrant paintings have found homes in private and corporate collections. For over 20 years, she partnered with her daughte