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Maria McLaren (act. 1860-1900s)

Maria McLaren (act. 1860-1900s)


"Burlington Bay"


6.75" x 4.75" Image

14" x 12" Frame


Excellent Condition

Unsigned. Accompanied by supportive documents regarding the Sketchbook origin

Provenance: Private Hamilton Collection; orginate from a collection of sketchbooks from Miss maria McLaren

  • Biography

    These Watercolours were removed froma set of McLaren's Sketbooks dated from the mid 1860s  to 1900s. The books contained watercolours of Hamilton, Muskoka, Nantucket, Europe, the Bahamas and many other beautiful botanical sketches. She travelled extensively. Miss McLaren is noted member of the Women's Art Association of Hamilton and can be found in "Climbing the Cold White Peaks" (pg. 206) and "Women's Art Asspciation, The first 100 Years. (pg. 114). 

    Based on the information from New York Times, pg. 7 on Monday, September 12, 1894, a Miss Marian McLaren arrived with what is believed to be her mother Miss Harriet and sister Jean; trasporation from Berlin from South Hampton and appears to have been another one of her numerous sketching trips. 

    Miss McLaren and family lived on 64 Hannah St. East in 1906, and 64 Charlton Ave, Hamilton in 1910 according to the Blue Book Society.

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