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Patricia Beth Durr (1939- )

Patricia Beth Durr (1939- )


"Yellow Tree" 1982

Oil and mixed Media

3" x 5" Image

10" x 10" Frame

Provenance: Purchased from Wells Gallery, Ottawa; Private collection Burlington


Pat Durr was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1939 and received her Bachelor of Arts in Education (Honours) from the University of Kansas in 1961. She went on to do post-graduate studies at the University of Southampton, England for one year before settling in Ottawa, Ontario. For the past forty years, she has worked in drawing, painting and installation to video.

Durr is the recipient of numerous National awards and grants, as well as a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts, and has been a visiting artist at universities, colleges and art schools across Canada and the United States. She has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally; In 2012 the OAG presented Persistence of Chaos, a retrospective of her art.

Her works are found in public, private, and corporate collections throughout Canada, Cuba, the United States, Israel, Australia and England. Durr lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

Source: Patricia Durr Biography

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