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Rae Hendershot (1921-1988)

Rae Hendershot (1921-1988)


“Untitled (still Life)”

Pastel and Conte on coloured paper

16” x 10” Image

21.5” x 26” Frame


Pearl Rae Hendershot was born on May 1st, 1921, in the industrial city of Hamilton, Ontario. She lived there her entire life. Hendershot drew from an early age. She studied music and was a talented pianist.

She began art training as a youth at Westdale Secondary Technical School. In 1939, she graduated with a four-year diploma from the art programme. Newly built, Westdale Tech had a modern outlook--faith in industry, labour, and individual merit. It operated as a series of independent workshops—drafting, commercial printing, motor shop, wood working, art.

Her formative teacher was Ida Hamilton (1887-1974), a pioneer in art therapy, a founding member of the Hamilton Weaver’s Guild, an art educator, an artist. In 1934, Hamilton studied with Hans Hofmann in Gloucester, Massachusetts; her deep commitment to art and learning set her apart. …


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