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"I am also interested in the ancient drawings of birds as spiritual messengers and the paintings often include references to these symbolic images."

Biography & Artist Statement

In the decades since my first show, I have explored many subjects, materials, and techniques as a painter—and have also made low relief and free standing sculpture. Eventually, my interest in sculpture evolved into what I think of as three dimensional “drawings.” These are copper wire soldered works based on insects; I experimental with this work for several years before ultimately returning to full time painting. When I returned to painting full time, the subject matter I focused on was windows. I started painting what was inside and outside window in art school. Now, I explored the relationship of plants on the window sill and views of Lake Ontario as seen through those windows. Cora, my wife, who is also an artist, has an exceptionally green thumb, and has cultivated a wonderful array of plants over the years. The acrylic paintings on canvas and rigid panels vary in size from small preparatory studies to large panoramic works. These early paintings were done in the Beach House studio in Hamilton, Ontario, which is on the edge of Lake Ontario close to the harbour, where one can see the Great Lakes boats coming and going. The later paintings were done in various small villages on the south central pacific coast of Mexico, where Cora and I paint during the winter. While working on the first of these new paintings, I noticed an old interest emerging. I realized that, through this work, I was trying to communicate the qualities I experience when looking at everyday things. I feel that these qualities arise from a natural if subconscious connection we have to the five elements of earth, fire, water, air, and ether, which I believe are the subtle forms behind the physical appearance of everything. I hoped my paintings would trigger in the viewer an experience of form, light, space, and atmosphere—bringing into focus the powerful energy of everyday things in the natural world. I have always been drawn to the beauty of the way things look to me, rather than a conceptual or abstract exploration of ideas about them. In all of my work I use basic geometry and math in organizing the composition. I believe this brings a sense of stillness and order to the paintings. Since I retired from teaching, my wife and I have spent winters in St Kitts, West Indies and the Pacific coast of Mexico. We now spend 6 months in Mexico and the other half of the year in the beach house studio in Canada. The paintings produced during the past decade in Mexico continue to reflect themes of everyday life, but are influenced by aspects of Mexican folk art, and the quality of the “Costalegre” (happy coast )—the Pacific coastal villages where we live, paint, and travel.

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