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Invitation to Consign

Earls Court Gallery is now accepting consignments of historically significant artworks by Hamilton and Canadian artists who are historically significant. 

The Space | The Lower Gallery

Earls Court Gallery has a 1000 square foot gallery solely devoted to the resale of special and unique pieces of Canadian art. The gallery rotates as new consignments arrive. The walls are always changing.

What is consignment art gallery?

A consignment gallery often specializes in second market art. Ours focuses on artwork created around 1900s forward. We have a dedicated 1,000 sq foot gallery ready to highlight your artworks. The gallery rotates as new consignments arrive. So, the walls are always changing!

Where do Consignments come from?

Most artworks are from someone who inherits it, is clearing out an estate, or is downsizing their own collection. On occasion we offer a selection from associated art dealers.


How does consigning work?

It’s Simple!  Bring the artwork into the gallery. We will assist you in assessing the value. Once the value is agreed upon, the gallery will also inform you of the commission percentage. You will then see your piece of art hanging on our wall ready to find a new home.

BONUS: The artwork will also be posted for sale on our website

What are the benefits to consigning in a gallery over an auction house?

  • Higher probability of achieving listed price

  • Assistance in considering offers

  • Pre-Established following of collectors

  • Easily accessible for viewing in person

  • Remarkable gallery reputation


What happens when it sells?

The consignor is paid within 30 days of the gallery receiving full payment for the sale.


Inuit Art

Earls Court Gallery carries a wide variety of Inuit art and is always seeking older artworks especially from 1950s onwards. Soapstone and Whale Bone sculptures are welcomed  for consignment.

Contact Us About Art

Not sure if we will take it on Consignment? Just Ask!

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