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Try these 8 Ways to Integrate Art into your life

At Earls Court Gallery, one of our primary objectives is to help art become accessible on many levels. We aim to make our space, conversations and artworks approachable as much as we can. We often remind people that there is no “dumb questions” within our walls or in any form of communications we have. There is just a significant amount of curiosity, and the only way to satisfy that curiosity is to just ask the question.

As we spend more time in our immediate spaces, I thought this would be a quality time to reassess and discuss how to make your space reflect your creative intentions. So here are a few ways to integrate art better into your life. Try one, or try them all.

  1. Creating art every day or even just a few times a year can help you to take control of your year with punctuation. When you look back at the year you can see all that you’ve done in a tangible and quantifiable way. You may also simply remember the joy of the moment of creation as well.

  2. Art in the Home. Like staring at a blank sheet of paper, empty walls can box you in and hurt your creativity. Curating your own home with art from other creative minds can help serve as a reminder of what you are capable of and might brighten up your home as a whole.

  3. Wander into a design shop or artisanal store every once in a while for a new perspective! (or even do this virtually!)

  4. Support a few local artists on your social media by following their feed or by regularly sharing their posts.

  5. Finger on the Pulse. Stay up to date on local art events and art exhibitions in your area! Try subscribing to arts newletters

  6. Phone Cameras. Take pictures of “interesting” things. Actively searching for a subject to take a photo of everywhere you go can help to remind you to slow down and really take in what’s around you.

  7. Look up and Look Around! Appreciate the architecture and urban planning that goes into making your town or city. Be a tourist in your hometown!

  8. Learn. Enroll in a beginner class! Online or in person, it can become part of our regular routine.

Actively integrating art is a way to let your creativity thrive. Art is a key part of our culture and shapes our ideas, our voices, and the way we see the world.

What are the Benefits?

  1. Improving creativity skills (and problem solving or acceptance of mistakes)

  2. Relieves Stress, as a good outlet for emotions

  3. Gives you joy

  4. An opportunity to showcase talent and give you confidence

  5. Art is a universal language

  6. Improved focus and concentration skills

  7. Art can enrich your quality of life by inspiring and giving hope

  8. Appreciation of history and geography

How are you going to integrate more art into your life?

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