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John Hanson (1920-2011)

John Hanson (1920-2011)


"Seaside Harbour"
Title signed on back
*There are some lines and measurements drawn on the front of the
piece where the artist intended to crop it.

Artist Bio:

Watercolourist John Hanson was born in 1920 in Hamilton, Ontario. He grew up in the East end on Balmoral Avenue, North. As a young student passionate for art, Hanson attended Memorial (City) School. Under the supervision of art instructor, watercolourist, and printmaker, Viola Depew (1884-1992), Hanson began to explore his passion for the arts, which was contrary to his father’s advice. Viola Depew provided strong instruction for Hanson as she passed on her knowledge from her studies under G.A. Reid (1860-1947) and Arthur Lismer (1885-1969).

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