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Katharine Kennie

Katharine Kennie


"Black Cherry"


Oil on Wood

24” x 24”

  • Artist Statement

    My current work engages with the local landscape near my home in rural Grey County, Ontario. While walking in this familiar landscape through the forests, fields and wetlands, I love to make observational drawings in my sketchbook. My attention is often drawn to both trees and the near symmetrical reflections of the landscape in bodies of water. When needed I also take my own photographs and video references to refer to later in the studio.

    Each studio painting starts with further exploratory sketches as well as a very intentionally designed colour palette. I want these compositions to be simplified and reduced down to the very essence of what captured my attention in the first place. The colour schemes I choose are often quite limited, giving the paintings a sense of mood and atmosphere.

    In this current body of work, in addition to exploring elements of composition and colour, I have been developing complex layers of surface texture. I'm interested in the evidence of process that becomes