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Vance F. Hull (1944-)

Vance F. Hull (1944-)


"Forest Stream" 2011

Oil on Panel

8" x 10" Image

13.5" x 11.5" Frame

Signed Front Bottom Right

Provenance: Private Toronto Collection


Born on November 2, 1944 in Halifax, NS, Vance began painting in 1989 while living and working in West Gennany. He is self-taught but was greatly influenced by the style and works of several prominent and successful German and Dutch artists. This is abundantly clear in his still life and landscape paintings.

Vance's medium of choice is oil on canvas, in the European tradition, because it is the only medium where light has such a profound affect on the paintings. Light actually "brings them to life". His meticulous attention to colour, lighting, and detail in the composition of his works makes his paintings much sought after and clearly demonstrates his eye for realism. His subjects range from landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, and still life works, as well as commissioned paintings on request. His paintings can be found in Europe, the United States, as well as every province in Canada. Vance presently resides in North Bay, Ontario and works out of a private studio in his home.

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